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Our competent employees produce moulds for multiple cavities. Our range covers long-stroke machines as well as containers of up to 220 liters. In-mould labelling, moulds for multilayer containers and the handling of CoEx materials are also standard for us.

Overview of the Plastic Molding Process

Heated plastic is extruded into a hollow tube (parison), which is then gripped in place as the mold closes. Compressed air is blown into the parison, causing it to inflate and fill the mold. Afterward, the product is trimmed and removed from the mold, leaving a finished product ready for the next production stage.

We supply our customers with high quality and high performance extrusion blow moulds.

Accurate design leads to sigificant competetiveness. Article weight can be reduced through a well planned and intelligent design to improve lower cycle times and unit costs for our customers. We alwas try to get the best potential out of your machines.

The fhw quick change mold system support your maximum utilization.

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