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Established experience
in article development.

The necessary know-how.


We shape ideas into solutions

We support you during all steps with our successful technical know-how:
- from the product idea
- through development
- and design
- to final sampling.

Design oriented product

Together with our customers, their marketing and design departments we ensure that all aesthetic and technical requirements are optimally implemented.
Even a successful design can still often be improved to achieve maximum production efficiency.
We can also develop new product variants and our own design proposals. In order to do so we can use modern 3D printing.

Maximum flexibility
due to laser scans

Our digital interfaces allow maximum flexibility even for time-critical projects.
If corresponding data is missing laser scans ensure reverse engineering.
To make the desired result tangible right from the start, we produce a visual model for our customers on request.
Laser Scan Punkte-Wolke.PNG
3 Handle 60L Canister.jpg
We design innovative articles for your broad product portfolio which will not only convince you but also your end customer.
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