blow moulding solutions


Blow mould design

We build high-quality extrusion blow moulds for processing any blowable thermoplastic material. Also, we develop highly efficient solutions to meet all your demands regarding form, material and design. Our services include In-Mould-Labeling as well as technologies for processing CoEx materials.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of extrusion blow moulding we are in the position to guarantee our clients that every single fhw design is 100% blow mouldable. For the design process, our team carefully studies all the client's specific needs as well as any applicable rule and regulation.

Unlike traditional hole-based cooling systems, our shell-in-cooling concept is based on cooling channels adapted to the mould cavity wall, allowing for a fast energy dissipation.

The high output rates of our extrusion blow moulds help our clients increase their production volume. Our focus on innovation is clearly visible in the large number of patents granted. For the future, it is our challenge to keep offering our clients technological enhancements that help preserve their competitive edge.