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Blow moulds

From a sketch and development idea, to the final product - we can offer your complete customized package!

You are manufacturer of plastic containers and are looking for a partner to engineer and build your production moulds? Then you have arrived!

We are a mould maker for blow moulded products, based in Bottrop, about 40 km north of Düsseldorf, Germany. Our tradition has been a long-standing experience in the production of blow moulds. Since the early days of processing thermoplastics materials about 50 years ago, our founder Friedrich H. Weischede took care of international and highly demanding customers. In the fall of 2008 his enterprise was renamed into fhw-moulds Ltd. With the generational change in our house only the name has changed - the competence remains.
The entire development process of your new blow moulds is done in our company. We monitor from the very beginning, the economic and technical feasibility and pay special attention to the importance of the efficiency of every mould. Therefore you avoid unnecessary additional steps and costs.

Our work begins with a detailed consultation. We support you with ideas, analyse the feasibility of your requirements and offer efficient solutions. You benefit on this occasion, from our long-standing experience. This includes very unusual and complicated moulds designs. After a thorough consultancy we design and produce your mould in our facilities.
Additionally we also control specific features which appear with the production for containers with vent systems.

Fhw-moulds Ltd has complete single source article responsibility by also delivering die and pin, blow pin and blow mould.

Conception - mould design - prototypes - mould construction - sampling: we want to ensure your overall care. Your satisfaction is our goal!